Orange County Family & Child Photographer

Orange County Family & Child Photographer

Are you looking for an Orange County family & child photographer?  I love creating amazing lifestyle pictures in Orange County.  There is something incredibly special about capturing everyday moments of a child in his or her own home.  These moments are so fleeting and I believe there is so much beauty in the tiny details of our messy lives.  I had to move a mountain of clutter from these kitchen counters to prepare for this sink bath but it was oh so worth it!

When I remodeled our kitchen in our Brea home, I’ll admit I chose my sink based upon a vision of sink bath photos of my boys.  I’m so glad that I made that call as this is one of my all time favorite images of my youngest.  I love the light that the kitchen window would get in the morning spilling over the sink and the chrome faucet against the white marble looking quartz countertop.  The glass subway tile just adds to the clean look and doesn’t distract from the main subject which is a 15 month baby boy taking a bubble bath and playing with the water coming out of the faucet in the kitchen sink.  To me, this is the epitome of lifestyle pictures in Orange County.

This year was the first time that I submitted images into the Orange County Fair Photography competition.  I was so excited to get the emails in June notifying me that five of my images had been accepted for exhibition into the fair.  There were over 8,000 images entered and less than 20% of those across all categories were invited for display in the Fair.  This particular image was one of my five photographs that made it in and one of my personal lifestyle photography favorites of 2017!  I used my professional print lab of choice for the 12” x 18” print and framed it myself in a classic black 20” x 26” frame with a white mat.  This image was entered into the Color Photos:  People division and the Children/Family class and I am thrilled that it earned an Honorable Mention ribbon at the Orange County Fair!

Technical Specifications

This image was taken with my Canon 6D camera body shooting in manual mode and my go-to lens for lifestyle pictures in Orange County (my Sigma 35mm ART series lens) was attached.  I had decent morning light coming through the kitchen window but I still needed to up my ISO to 500 for the light and airy feel I was going for.  I wasn’t shooting wide open because I had bubbles on multiple planes so I used f/2.8 and my shutter speed was 1/500.  

Location: Brea, California.