Orange County Child Photographer | Toddler & Chickens

Orange County Child Photographer | Toddler & Chickens

When deciding what the best time of day is for scheduling a photoshoot for your toddler put a priority on the time that your child is at his or her best.  As an Orange County child photographer, I can tell you that most of the time, the most successful shoots are those that don't attempt to alter the child's regular schedule or routine.  

Samantha here is a perfect example.  When I spoke with her mom about what she was hoping to have me photograph, I love how she spoke about this stage where her baby girl was almost to the toddler status. She really wanted to capture this fleeting time of childhood before Samantha was walking and was looking for the best Orange County child photographer to do so.  

Anyway, Sam is at her best in the morning and since mom wanted to do the shoot in their backyard incorporating the family pets into the session, an early morning shoot was the best time of day for their outdoor family photos.

I have a slight bird phobia but I embraced the chickens being a part of the shoot and am so glad that I did.  Some of these images are my favorites I’ve ever done! 

The morning was warm but overcast and so we had nice diffused soft lighting.  The yard was beautiful and you can click this link to check out more of this gallery and the variety of shots that were taken by this Orange County child photographer.

Location: Brea, California.