Nice to meet you!

I'm K.C. (or "Kristine Caroline" when I was up to no good as a kid). I am a left-handed child and modern family lifestyle photographer telling stories through my images and one-of-a-kind custom heirloom albums in Orange County, California.  I help families fill their homes with beautiful artwork featuring those they love most. And by doing so, I get to help foster a sense of belonging and increased self-esteem in the children who live there.

I am beyond excited to have been selected as the 2017 "Best New Emerging Child Photographer" in an international competition hosted by the National Association of Professional Child Photographers.

So here’s the thing, I LOVE and have always loved a good story.  

You know the ones…where you laugh out loud on public transit while reading Bridget Jones, or sob so hard in the dark theater only to realize you ran out of tissues.  The ones where you feel like you’re being given a glimpse in on some private moment or other world.  

The story is the reason I prefer lyrics with the melody and that I can still remember songs from my early adolescence more than most of what I studied in Law School.  Fun fact:  I would be an awesome partner to someone on the Beat Shazam game show!

So now maybe you can understand why I’ve chosen to be a storyteller.  In every image I create, my goal aside from creating a piece of art, is to tell a good story.  One that can be revisited time and again by tiny hands turning the pages of the storybook where they are the star.  One that families will love so much they will want to hang that story on their wall so that they may see it told every day.  
A story that captures the essence of that particular child and the uniqueness that is their childhood.   It’s like bottling up a memory so that you will never forgot a particular detail about this time in your child’s life.  
We all know that they grow and change so fast but when properly preserved and displayed, photographs are a way of making these moments and memories last indefinitely.
I am a lifestyle photographer – not to be confused with a documentary photographer.  I will move things around, help with styling and wardrobe choices and basically set up the scene.  But my passion is capturing honest moments and expressions.  So while I may carefully help guide you and select the ideal location, props, outfits etc. for the shoot, there isn’t much “posing” going on in a session with me.
The Crow’s Nest is living the dream in Yorba Linda California and consists of myself, my “practically perfect in every way” hubby Tim, our two little monsters Clayton (May 2014) and Ryker (October 2015) and their four legged sisters Mya and Uli.  My dad, "Grandpa Bob" also lives with us part time.

We have a loud, busy, messy, chaotic, - did I mention loud? – household which is full of love and big hugs that look more like tackles and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  

So much of my inspiration comes from our daily life stories and I am constantly looking for creative ways to capture these fleeting moments.

The best place to follow along with the stories I tell is on Instagram.  I typically post there daily featuring a mix of both my client work and personal projects.

If you are interested in reading more about my photography backstory or are curious whatever happened to "Crow's Nest Photography" you can find that information here.

What is the story you want me to capture through my lens?  I would love to help make it come to life!  Click here to inquire about booking your session today.